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DSCI Corp. WordPress Migration

Recreated the existing DSCI, being using on a proprietary CMS, as a theme for WordPress.
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Half-Style Plugin Lets You Style Just Part of a Character with CSS

There’s no shortage of strange questions and answers on Stack Overflow, but what’s more remarkable is how many of them actually get useful answers. Take this question about styling just half a character with CSS, for example. It actually received some pretty practical answers, one of which has been turned into a plugin which is available on GitHub, and has been modded a few times to give us other potentially useful text display effects like Peeling Style and this JSFiddle with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide split text.

I wish there was some way to combine the persistence of a cat trying to wake you up, with a regular alarm clock’s ability to be scheduled sometime AFTER 6am.

New England Revolution Make the Playoffs

The New England Revolution came from behind twice in their away game with Montreal to end the match with a 2-all draw. This means the Revolution are currently in 2nd place in the Eastern Conference standings, with two games left to play, and more importantly… they’ve secured a spot in the MLS playoffs for a 12th time.

But, before we mull over the Revs chances of making a run for the final, lets enjoy this absolutely bonkers chip shot from Lee Nguyen that resulted in a goal, and tied the match at 2-2.

A Daylight Savings Time Revolt

Interesting article from the Boston globe about the revisiting the idea of daylight savings time. Since we spend the majority of the year an hour ahead on Daylight Savings, the author argues that we should defect from EST to Atlantic Standard Time, which would keep us an hour ahead of EST year round.

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