Hire Me

I’m currently available for Full-Time or Freelance Contract work. (Please don’t submit requests for Recruiters, Part-Time, or Temp employment.)

My primary passion is working with journalists, non-profits, artists, and local activists to make their their writings, media and message look great, and help them get it into the hands of as many people as possible. If you’re a writer, photographer, visual artist, or small collective looking for an easy to manage website that looks great, I’d love to help you exceed your goals.

I’d also be interested in full-time employment with a distributed or Brooklyn-based web or digital agency which either services these markets directly, or that’s strongly committed to improving online news and journalism indirectly through contributions to the open-source community.

For more information on my previous work, check out my portfolio, for information on my skills and experience, check out my resume. Thanks!

For general comments, feedback, questions, or to just say hi, please use the Contact Me form, or check out my Twitter profile or GitHub and feel free to follow me on there.