Hey, my name’s Ian. I’m originally from Providence, Rhode Island, and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. I get really excited about street art, electronic music, cats, abandoned buildings, road trips, and other people who get really excited about stuff.

In 2006, to supplement and enhance my web design projects, I began teaching myself CSS & PHP and soon after started working as a freelance web developer. In 2009 I was hired to work at eMagine as a web maintenance and support engineer for their medical technology and manufacturing clients, and helped with their transition from a proprietary .NET CMS to using the WordPress platform for development. In 2012, I joined former WordPress VIP partners Oomph, Inc. and worked on Drupal and WordPress sites for news, publishing and healthcare clients. I took a break from agency work and spent most of 2014 freelancing, but in December I began working at Alley Interactive as a UX developer, building enterprise-scale websites for news, publishing, museum, and non-profit clients using technologies like ReactJS, webpack, ES6 JavaScript, SCSS, ESLint, PostCSS, Node.JS, git and npm.

I got my first Apple laptop in 2003: a Titanium PowerBook G4 (which still runs) and have been a Mac user ever since. Though today, I consider myself a reluctant one, having recently (early 2018) purchased a 2016 MacBook with all the ports and am desperately clinging to my iPhone 6. I also DJ using Pioneer hardware, train Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, ride a fixed gear bike, and have two cats named Monte and Tycho. I do some work as a community organizer, and am a lead organizer and web developer for a New York Cosmos soccer supporters group which has raised funds and donations for disaster relief, local food banks, and groups like Viva Con Agua and the Brooklyn Community Pride Center.

Feel free to use the Contact Me form if you’d like to get in touch. To find out more about me, checkout the links below: